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What is ECpay?

ECpay is the accounting unit/reference currency on the EURO-BTC Exchange.

Technisch handelt es sich um einen ERC-20 Token, einem digitalen Asset welches auf der Blockchain basiert und dem ein fester Wert zugeschrieben wird. Der Wert eines ECpay ist aktuell auf eine Handelsspanne von 0,95€ bis zu 1,05€ fixiert. Diese Spanne wird sukzessive reduziert, bis der Wert schließlich genau einem Euro entspricht (Wechselkurs ECpay/Euro 1:1).

ECpay thus offers the ideal opportunity to protect yourself against price fluctuations and the associated risk of price loss.


Access in seconds!

Credits that should not be in volatile cryptocurrencies (e.g. during a long absence) can thus be safely "parked" and market opportunities can be seized in a matter of seconds.


All transactions, including applicable fees, on our platform are settled in ECpay.


This means that potential buyers of a digital currency such as Bitcoin must first have ECpay so that they can issue a purchase order.

Flexible in buying / selling

Our system offers various options for both the purchasing (hereinafter referred to as purchase) of ECpay and for the exchange thereof in FIAT money or other cryptocurrencies (hereinafter referred to as sale), which make ECpay very flexible and secure:

1. Transfer of the equivalent value in EURO to the clearing account of EURO BTC and credit of the corresponding ECpay to the buyer's wallet (PURCHASE)

2. Transfer of a cryptocurrency from the external wallet to the crypto wallet on the EURO BTC and sale of the cryptocurrency against ECpay (PURCHASE)

3. Purchase of a cryptocurrency listed on the EURO BTC with ECpay (SALE). All traded cryptocurrencies can also be transferred to an external wallet again!

Direct-Transfer in a few minutes!

Die geplante Auszahlungsanfrage z. G. der eigenen Debitkarte wird voraussichtlich in der zweiten Jahreshälfte 2020 zur Verfügung stehen. Der Transfer des Euro-Betrages erfolgt innerhalb weniger Minuten (VERKAUF)

1. Peer to Peer: ECpay können direkt von User zu User gehandelt werden. Die EURO-BTC stellt eine sichere, blockchainbasierte Plattform mit Treuhandfunktion zur Verfügung, so dass beide Handelspartner zu 100% abgesichert sind (KAUF/VERKAUF)

2. In the future, ECpay will also be accepted as a means of payment by other platforms; here they can then be transferred to the desired platform and used for everyday payments (SALE)

3. Thanks to the innovative transfer of ECpay to the second, it can be used as an inexpensive and fast payment tool for international transfers. The ECpay can then be exchanged in the respective country with the above options in FIAT currency.

Auch hier kommt dem User die eigene Debitkarte zu Gute (Einführung in der zweiten Jahreshälfte 2020 geplant) (VERKAUF).

Peer-to-peer network

The EURO-BTC Exchange provides a secure, blockchain-based platform with a trust feature.

ECpay can be traded directly from user to user. Thus, both trading partners are guaranteed 100% security for purchases and sales.

Peer to Peer
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