Listing and trading You have the coin, we have the exchange

Coin listing? This is how it works!

If you are the owner, developer or official representative of the coin to be listed, you can apply for a listing on the EURO-BTC in just a few minutes:

*If technically possible, the coin will be integrated into the Euro-BTC Exchange if it fulfills several of the following conditions.


You can apply if your project has the following features:
A official website, clear and understandable white paper, disclosure of the team, a positive reputation, open source (preferred).

When you send us an request for your coin to be listed, you must provide the following information:
- Link to the official website of the coin
- Link to the official git repository of your node
- Link to bitcointalk topic or another similar forum, or a link to your own forum
- Reference to the explorer unit, which should be publicly accessible

Make sure your Git repository contains the technical manual for compiling and configuring the NODE.

The project developer is obliged to report the exchange of technical problems / changes to the coin, the NODE, the block explorer immediately. In addition, the developer is obliged to notify the exchange of the planned blockchain forks * (describes the project in the field of cryptocurrencies by splitting off a new blockchain from the original by modifying the source code).

In case of losing money due to technical problems with the NODE or the block chain Forks, the developer is solely responsible for it.

How we carry out a risk analysis of coins/tokens

Euro-BTC carefully checks compliance with the terms and requirements set by the exchange. Upon receipt of your application, we read the white paper and public information about the team, analyse the status of social networks and activity of the community. An important step is to examine the branch in a public, non-modelled source code and source.

Why can the Euro-BTC refuse a listing?
We are committed to our reputation and will not support your project if you knowingly have fraudulent coins/tokens, a negative reputation and/or limited liquidity.

The costs of a listing

After examining your application, we will contact you by e-mail and inform you of any costs and ask you to make this payment if there is the possibility of technically integrating your coin.

The process of integrating your coin will start at 00:00 CET the next working day after receipt of payment. Coins based on Bitcoin technology are integrated within 3-5 working days.

The time limit for adding coins based on other technologies varies from case to case. The time it takes to add such coins depends on the quality of your NODES documentation and the feedback speed from our integration team.

You have more questions? Just send us an email to support(at)

If you are sure that your crypto-asset can be put on our exchange and is to be traded, please fill out the application form for the listing!


Currently listed Coins

You can find the currently listed coins here:


Finished coins
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